DSI is located in Dallas, Texas and operates a research and development facility, which includes a shock and vibration test laboratory and welding and fabrication facility. In addition to system engineering, DSI has full dynamic vehicular and machinery 3D-simulation and stress analysis capability. DSI has developed electric drive vehicle systems for both military and commercial applications.

DSI has experience in dynamic analysis for applications, including everything from two-wheel high mobility trailers to four-wheel vehicles ranging from passenger cars to large off-road mining trucks and special high mobility vehicles such as the HMMWV and robotic platforms. DSI has also designed simulation models and performed dynamic analysis for the eight-wheeled LAV 25 and 12 to 14 wheel station track vehicles, including NSWC’s PSD amphibious tank, the Bradley and the Abrams M1A2 main battle tank. In addition to laboratory and simulation capability, DSI has extensive experience in testing and validation of project hardware in the field. DSI can install test instrumentation and perform data analysis on any size vehicle or work together with testing organizations to perform coordinated validation efforts.

For the military, DSI has tested its technology at Aberdeen (APC), Yuma (YPG), Waterways (WES), Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) and TACOM. From concept design and prototype development to successful optimization of production hardware, DSI utilizes these tools throughout the development process for maximum results.

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