DSI has designed and proven its patented compressible fluid suspension technology in a wide variety of military vehicles applications ranging in size and complexity from a two wheel high mobility trailer system to the AAI Amphibious PSD Tank (the Prototype for the new AAAV), which featured a 14 strut station system with the added ability to retract the running gear and tracks into the hull.

Other vehicle applications include a compressible fluid suspension for the HMMWV, the U.S. Marine Corps LAV-25 and suspensions for the Australian HSEV (High Speed Engineering Vehicle). DSI has also provided a low band width active suspension system for the British FCV (Future Cargo Vehicle) made by Multidrive in the U.K This 24 ton capacity truck featured our patented dual rate spring technology and automatic active and manual service modes. This system has received very complimentary reviews and was most recently written up in Battlespace magazine.

At the 2003 AUSA show, DSI exhibited three advanced high mobility trailer suspensions in partnership with the PM trailer organization. At the same show, DSI demonstrated two low bandwidth active suspension systems that spanned the range in Tactical truck capacity.

On the upper end of the range, DSI’s dual rate active suspension system was demonstrated on NAC ‘s MTTD (Medium Tactical Truck Tech Demonstrator) 6 x 6 cargo vehicle built by Stewart and Stevenson. On the lower end of the scale, DSI supplied its suspension technology for A.M. General’s Cab Over HMMWV 6 ton, 4 x 4 cargo vehicle. Both systems featured automatic low bandwidth active control and manual service mode controlled by a pendant. An improved, increased capacity 7.5 ton FTTS HMMWV system featuring touch screen controls was on display at the AUSA show.

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