This project evaluated DSI’s compressible fluid suspension as a direct replacement to the standard
coil/ shock arrangement to reduce impact forces mechanically transmitted to the HMMWV chassis
during dynamic operation. The fixed weight range coil spring and shock absorber configuration
cause the lightly loaded vehicles to ride stiffly damped with a high ride level. The more heavily
loaded variants ride too low causing a loss of jounce stroke which leads to bottoming and possible
structural and drive component failure and compromised mobility.

This DSI compressible fluid suspension system was designed and built to directly interface with the
standard shock absorber mounting positions eliminating the heavy coil springs and the required
space envelope for their large circumference. The DSI struts automatically adjust to maintain
proper jounce stroke and ride height, providing improved overall mobility while accommodating a
wide range of load carrying capacities for various vehicle variants. The system has a manual mode
to raise lower tilt and to assist in cargo loading and tire changing.

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