Davis Systems International, Inc. was created for the purpose of developing advanced electronic drive and advanced suspensions and shock attenuation systems and electric drive systems, which have production sales and licensing potential for military and commercial applications.

After years of designing, manufacturing, and selling compressible fluid suspension systems to the mining and construction industry worldwide, the principals of Davis Systems International created DSI for the purpose of developing advanced suspension and shock attenuation systems, which have production sales and licensing potential for military and commercial applications.

DSI has extensive experience in designing advanced compressible fluid suspension systems under the technical direction of Mr. Leo Davis. For his invention and development of the compressible fluid suspension, he has been awarded nineteen leading edge patent ranging in scope from passive to full active control suspensions. Additional patents of the latest concept technology in active, adaptive, and passive configurations, with and without electronic controls, are in process. His applications, ranging from heavy mining truck suspensions to advanced passenger car systems to advanced military suspension systems have been designed, built, and proven.

DSI is located in Dallas, Texas and operates a research and development facility, which includes a test laboratory and welding and fabrication facility. In addition to system engineering, DSI has full dynamic vehicular and machinery 3D-simulation and stress analysis capability in programs such as Simulink, Matlab, CADSI and Vehdyn. From concept design and prototype development to successful optimization of production hardware, DSI utilizes these tools throughout the development process for maximum results. Recently, Davis Systems expanded its Vehicle Application Engineering Services to include total vehicle design with an emphasis on high performance mobility and integration of leading-edge vehicle subsystems.

Davis Systems is a recipient of the NASA-sponsored Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Systems of the Year Award. Presented annually to companies who have been awarded SBIR development contracts, it honors the technical merit and commercial potential of work done under the contracts. Five awards are made yearly in various technological categories. DSI received the “Industrial and Manufacturing Systems" award for outstanding technical achievement in the design and production of compressible-fluid and other types of high-mobility vehicle suspension systems for military and commercial applications 20 years experience designing compressible fluid suspension systems for dynamic vehicle applications:

    • System design, development, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing

    • Complete confidential proprietary program management

    • Dynamic vehicle simulation and modeling for performance prediction

    • Full vehicle testing capabilities, on/off road data acquisition and analysis

    • Vehicle platform engineering expertise for integration of system components

    • Control algorithm and software development and testing

    • Laboratory testing of prototype struts and control systems


Leo Davis, President

Gary Stecklein, Director of Operations

Haime Ortega, Project Engineer


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