The traditional spring and shock arrangement has been a compromise from its inception in the late 1800’s. Commercial vehicles have always had to be designed, styled and built around the space weight requirements and performance limitations of tradition suspensions. Today vehicles are becoming lighter in pursuit of compliance with ever-increasing standards for fuel economy and environmental regulations. Consequently, the weight differential between loaded and unloaded vehicles is becoming so broad that even present commercial systems like variable rate coil springs, air spring systems and hydro pneumatic systems can no longer span the range effectively. The shortcomings of these systems cause compromises in ride quality, cargo capacity and serious control issues such as vehicle roll over.

The DSI system’s ability to integrate spring, damping and control actuation into a single compact unit virtually eliminates the need for space consuming, heavier systems and provides significant cost reductions for commercial vehicles influenced by weight and space.

DSI suspensions retain their military toughness and excellent performance while providing greatly refined, more supple ride characteristics that commercial customers, such as Hummer owners, desire. Increased damping control, combined with the DSI system’s proven vehicle roll control ability as demonstrated on our ARFF and military product systems continues to provide truly unique solutions for commercial vehicle platforms ranging from light cars and trucks to class 8 trucks and trailer.

DSI has done numerous R&D Projects for customers studying new designs, wanting next generation demonstrations and for aftermarket projects being sold now. email to see if your Commercial Vehicle is available for ROG upgrade!


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