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Our Struts, your truck, one better riding, safer vehicle. Please feel free to click here to download the FAA study on Davis Struts.

The FAA is conducting an on-going research study into rollovers and their circumstances. Please follow the following link to be taken to the FAA website:

DSI can assist you in making the AIP Grant Request, provide information to budget makers, Insurance Agents (safer should equal less liability and/or cheaper rates) or anyone else that would help us make your truck safer.

Background: Over five years ago, DSI worked together with Air Force and E-One emergency vehicles as a part of a task force to solve the problem of roll over propensity in Air Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) trucks. To solve this problem we adapted our technology to work as a retrofit helper spring element that augments the existing OEM spring system to provide an upper end spring force that resists roll and provides superior shock absorption for enhanced ride dynamics.

To achieve that goal, DSI completed two very successful back to back ARFF vehicle development programs to design and manufacture a retrofit suspension strut system for an independent suspension configuration and a beam axle application.

Both systems provided a cost effective retrofit suspension system that maximizes vehicle stability regardless of vehicle suspension configuration. The DSI suspension struts take the place of the standard shock absorber at each wheel position and are designed to serve as both a powerful supplemental spring element and high power shock absorber that efficiently combines functions to resist undesirable vehicle roll dynamics to significantly reduce the potential for rollover. In the first program DSI teamed up with Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), E-One and the FAA to install and test the stability system on an E-One Titan HPR with independent suspension. The test demonstrated that by installing the DSI strut, there was a significant reduction in the amount of body roll the truck experienced as result of steering and ground inputs, which raised the overall high-speed mobility of the vehicle regardless of the terrain. Another direct result was that steering response and handling feedback to the operator were greatly improved which are invaluable inputs to the driver that allow the driver to make decisions about the maximum performance envelope of the vehicle during emergency operation.

Following the success of the E-One project. The P-18 program was initiated by AFRL to prove the system would be equally effective in a challenging solid axle configuration. In this second program, DSI teamed with AFRL, Canadian National Research Center and the test results for the P-18 were even more dramatic. With the DSI system installed, the lateral forces that are required to create a loss of control or rollover were effectively raised from .48 G to .80G. This means that a 66% more lateral force must be exerted on the DSI equipped P-18 to reach the threshold of rollover. This level of improvement assure the lateral G levels that are required to cause rollover would be more difficult to achieve and that roll over possibility would be less likely. Since then, DSI has been producing strut units for E-ONE ‘s HPR 4 x 4, 6 x 6, 8 x 8 ARFF vehicles and Bronto Aerial Truck. We also install retrofit stability systems product on Air Force P-19 ARFF truck, Oshkosh T-1500 and T-3000 ARFF trucks as well. On both independent and solid axle vehicles the improved vehicle performance and stability capability of our passive suspension struts provides a much greater margin of safety above the present truck configurations. This improvement has a significant effect on reducing the potential of the driver to get into dangerous conditions resulting in vehicle rollover.


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