Our technical staff is focused on the performance of application systems engineering projects for our customers that serve to demonstrate the flexibility of our suspension technology and its effectiveness in a wide range of vehicle platforms. DSI has done a wide variety of system application projects for customers ranging from passive to full active control on everything from heavy mining trucks to advanced light passenger car systems.

We have designed, built, and proven application configurations of electric vehicles for beam and independent axle, Macpherson strut, swing arm strut, and various equal and unequal A-Arm configurations. DSI has also designed and proven wheeled and tracked Military vehicle systems providing important future mission and mobility capabilities now.

For our customers, we bring to the table a wealth of research knowledge, practical application know how and manufacturing experience which are invaluable assets in the pursuit of realizing the full potential of any vehicle when our technology is applied to that vehicle application.

Call or email today to find out how your project can enjoy less weight, less space required all while gaining increased performance and improved economics.


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